mobile app Gallery

No denying it mobile apps are here to stay. What's more, mobile app galleries are all the rage. It seems like everyone is in the market to create a mobile web album. Did you know that here at Texas Grace Photography we have been providing mobile web albums and apps since Android 1.6 (Donut)? It's true, we've been quietly providing our clients with not only stunning photography but also with secure, password protected mobile web albums!

There is no one solution that fits everyone when it comes to mobile photo albums. Everyone's purpose is different and to tell the truth everyone has a different mobile device too. iPhones, Android tablets, 7 and 10 inch screens and the ever popular iPads have to be considered. Because there are so many different mobile devices we don't attempt to push our clients into one off-the-shelf solution. As with our photography every client is unique and deserves a unique solution for their mobile photo album.

So exactly what can you have as part of your mobile photo album? We take a al a cart approach when designing mobile photo albums. You can pick and choose as many or as little features you like. You can choose to include:

* Up to 30 Images
* Password Protection
* Share to Facebook
* Share to Email
* Link to a Gallery of Additional Images
* Link to Order Hard Copies of the Images
* Choice of Background and Text Colors
* Android Native App (additional cost may apply)
* iOS Native App (additional cost may apply)

Take a look at a small sample of the mobile albums we've created. While it maybe possible to view some of these mobile albums on your PC/Mac keep in mind that they are designed to be viewed via a mobile device and may not function fully unless viewed from a mobile device.