They are beautiful, sensual, sexy and alluring but is it art? Who really cares? The point is that you are seen as beautiful, sensual, sexy and alluring; that is the purpose of Boudoir Photography. Your lover should look at these pictures as say "WOW!!" Boudoir is truly the staple of Texas Grace Photography. We do more "Boudoir" photography than any studio in the area. The reasons are simple; our staff is discreet and professional, your privacy in ensured, and you can be photographed in our private studio or in the comfort of your own home.

Remember my philosophy? "You have to be able to feel the picture." You can call it boudoir, romantic or intimate photography it doesn't matter as long as you can project the feelings it will be a perfect picture. If you are not comfortable you can't project. That is why I go out of my way to make a relaxed and stress free environment; to ensure YOU have everything you need to be comfortable.

Boudoir does not mean you have to be nude. What we try to capture is you the way you want to be seen by your lover. Do you have to be a young, little thing to have this type of photos? Of course not. The youngest woman I have photographed was 19 the oldest 57. Woman are beautiful at any age. It is my job to capture that beauty on film in a way that you will be proud to share with the person who is sharing your life.

Boudoir Gallery

WARNING: Gallery may contain nudity


There can be nothing more rewarding to a photographer than seeing his client's face light up the first time they see their finished Glamour Portraits. Yes, you really are this beautiful. Everyone is beautiful..everyone. I am so sure I can capture your beauty on film that I will give you a Glamour Photo session for FREE. You pay only for the photos you like. If you choose not to buy any it costs you nothing! This is a limited offer as I only have a few open settings each month.

Glamour Gallery


When you say Bridal Portraits people seem to think wedding photography. While there is some cross over, especially since a lot of bridal is done at a wedding, the two are mutually exclusive in reality. I LOVE bridal portraits, it's ALL ABOUT THE DRESS! By all means hire a wedding photographer for your wedding but come see me for your Bridal Portraits!


Everyone and everything can be a portrait. Portraits are families, individuals, corporate head shots. You want a picture of you and the family dog? It's a portrait. How about you and your classic Harley? It's a portrait. When it's time for portraits come see us!

corporate & product

Texas Grace Photography is the primary photography studio for East Meets West Productions, a large advertising agency in Corpus Christi. If you've visited Corpus Christi then you've seen our work on billboards up and down SPID, in the newspapers, on advertisements and in corporate brochures.

additional services

Retouching Services

Most everyone can benefit from some retouching aka "air brushing". Texas Grace performs basic retouching services as part and parcel of our portraits for our clients. This means we "air brush" the odd skin blemish, whiten teeth and take care of those "fly-a-way" hairs. Occasionally, clients want more then the standard "retouch", sometimes they want body modifications and that's ALRIGHT too! We have straighten teeth, cleared acne, removed braces, covered stretch marks and even helped you look a couple of dress sizes smaller! Don't be afraid to ask! You're secret will be safe with us.

Post Process Services

Where Retouching Services take care of those things concerning you Post Processing is where magic is made. Cameras don't lie, they capture exactly what they see both good and bad. Well at least they try too. Post Processing fixes those things the camera just plain missed or got wrong. Sometimes it is as simple as boosting the color to make the image more vibrant or convert it to black & white. Still other images call for extensive post processing to change reality into just this side of fantasy.