Additional Photo Galleries

So you looked through the galleries and want to see more? No problem I love to showcase my work so I do have a lot of images posted to different places.

Some of my favorite images available from    Here are some of my favorite client photo galleries    Framed prints presented by Fine Art America

Local Photography Groups

I try to stay active in the local photography community and I do this by participating in local photography clubs. The phenomenon know as is a great way to sharpen your skills for the novice or amateur photographer and a great way for the professional or more experienced photographer to teach the skills they learned. Here are the Meetup clubs I belong to and I encourage you to come on out when we have our meet ups.

The Portfolio Builders     Texas Photography Club    The Woodlands Photography Group

My Friends

You don't get to be a professional photographer without meeting other great photographers along the way.

Dora Leticia - Dora is dear close friend and an artist for years. Back in 2001-2002 I put a camera in her hands and started teaching her the basics of photography. She took to it like a cat with catnip! Dora is now in NYC and Chile, depending on the time of the year and specialize in lifestyle, landscape and street photography. Check her out she's got a dynamite eye. Oh, and if you talk to her tell her I said NO MORE VOCANOE shoots! Damn woman is going to get herself killed trying to get a shot!

Tiffany Dieringer - Ok, this "little girl" I've know since she was a little girl! Her mom was one of my studio models and as Tiffany grew she also modeled for me. As a matter of fact you can find some images of her scatter through out this site and a number of images as stock photography on other commercial sites. Tiffany specializes in Pet, Babies & Children and Urban Exploration photography.