about us

Who Is DouglasB

Now if that doesn't that sound like a title to a self help book nothing does. I'll try not to bore you too much and keep this short but I think it is important to know something about your photographer. After all we are going to be working closely together, assuming you hire me of course :o)

Photography is my passion and not just my means of income. For me photography is a means of creating lasting beauty and emotion in the world. When I say photography is a passion I mean to be taken literally. For me when I am behind the lens nothing is more important than creating the perfect image. If you ask 100 photographers what the perfect image is you will get 100 different answers. For me the perfect images has nothing to do with how "technically" perfect the image is. It does have everything to do with how perfect of an emotion the picture invokes in the person viewing it.

When you look at the images we create together I want to make you cry tears of happiness at the beauty. I want to make you sad, happy, thoughtful. I want to make you laugh. I want to make you groan at the picture I took when you were making that silly face. For me these are the perfect pictures. If we create a piece of commercial art I want the end viewer to stop and say "Hey, what was that!" or "Hmm, I think I might need that or this." Photography, from glamour to commercial, should portray a feeling or desire. It should tell a story or concept without words.

If you can't feel the picture..it's not a perfect image.
~ Douglas B


Why I Do This

Truthfully, I sometimes ask myself the same question. Is it the money, the prestige, the ability to goof off and call it work? No, not really. Well, OK sometimes it is :) I do this because I love it.

May be you are looking for a beautiful glamour portrait for your desk or walls. Or looking for that special Boudoir photo set for a special someone in your life. Either way I am here to bring those wishes and desires to life.

For you I will capture a moment in time.